Talux profile laying system raised

Talux Raised System

The Talux Raised System with a build-up heigth of 64 mm for the laying of stone-, ceramic- and calibrated natural stone tiles as well as wood- and WPC-boards.

  1. Exterior Corner
  2. Interior Corner
  3. Edge Profile
  4. Secondary Profile
  5. Supporting Profile
  6. Support Pad
  7. Joint Element Corner
  8. Joint Element T-Shape
  9. Joint Element Cross-Shape

System Description

  • The TALUX system is an aluminium profile system for easy, quick and economical laying of stone, ceramic and calibrated natural stone tiles as well as wood and WPC boards. There are many applications, including balconies, patios, flat roofs, swimming pool copings, roof terraces and walkways. The TALUX system can even be used for customised constructions such as stair treads or landings.
  • The system is available in two profile thicknesses. The minimum assembly height (excluding covering) is 22 mm for the slim system and 64 mm for the raised system.
  • Basically, the system consists of the edge profiles, corner modules (exterior corners, interior corners), secondary profiles, support profiles as well as the joint elements.
  • The exterior and interior corners form a frame with the edge profiles that corresponds to the floor plan of the installation surface. The edge profiles are fastened to the corner modules and to each other with linear connectors.
  • The secondary profiles rest on the horizontal face of the edge profiles. At the joints, the profiles are spaced approx. 3-5 mm apart. For laying WPC or timber boards, the secondary profiles with screw channel allow installation with visible or invisible fastening.
  • Support profiles are used for tile widths of 600 mm and more. They are inserted together with the support pads underneath the centre of the tile to protect the large-format tiles under greater loads.
  • The tile material is installed on the profile system using plastic joint elements. The dimples on the contact surface adapt to the underside of the tile, compensate for tolerances of up to approx. 1 mm and ensure that the tiles are insulated against impact sound.
  • Flush panels can be fitted to the side upstand of the edge profiles, which close the system flush and imperceptible at the bottom. As an option, the panels and edge profiles are also available powder-coated in a RAL colour of your choice.

Advantages at a Glance

  • 64 mm profile height for applications with increased build-up height
  • Fewer support points due to larger span (up to 1,20 m)
  • Suitable for all tile formats
  • Quick and easy assembly: time savings of up to 30% compared to conventional laying methods 
  • Customised, flexible system solution
  • Impact sound insulated tile support
  • Consistent joint pattern
  • Variable joint width: 2 mm / 4 mm 

Technical Data for Profiles

MaterialAluminium EN AW 6060 T 66
Surfacemill-finished or powder-coated in all RAL-colours
Lengths3.000 mm I 4.000 mm I 6.000 mm

Technical Data

All Talux profiles are made of high-quality aluminium material in alloy EN AW 6060 T66. Being a light metal, aluminium provides an excellent weather resistany in comparison to wood and is therefore particularily suited for outdoor installations. Our profiles are available with mill-finished surface and  - for an even higher quality surface at the visible edges of the system - with a powder-coated surface in a RAL colour of your choice.

Edge Profile Raised System (38mm)
  • Side Upstand: 38 mm
  • For Tiles & Boards thicker than 36 mm
Edge Profile Raised System (22mm)
  • Side Upstand: 22 mm
  • For Tiles & Boards thicker than 20 mm
Secondary Profile Raised System
  • With Central Web
  • For Stone- and Ceramic Tiles
Secondary Profile Raised System
  • With Screw Channel
  • For Wood- and WPC-Boards, Stone- and Ceramic Tiles

System Components

Joint Elements

The patented joint elements provide for a flawless support of the tiles. The raised dimples on the support surface compress when loaded and adapt optimally to the underside of the tiles, compensating for minor material variations in the tile.

Joint Element Supports

The joint element supports made of rigid plastic can alternatively be used in combination with the secondary profiles without central web. In this combination joint widths of 2mm can be created.

Supporting Profiles

The supporting profiles are used for ceramic tiles with a format of 600mm or wider. In combination with the suppport pads on the surface, the profiles provide for a central support of the tiles while reducing potential noise. The suppporting profiles are positioned on the horizontal support surfaces of the edge and secondary profiles.

Heigth Compensation

Our Talux rubber pads and notched wedges enable a quick and easy heigth compensation. For larger build-up heigths the Talux support feet, consisting of a base plate, spacer rings and support plate can be used. Alternatively use continuously adjustable pedestals, stripe or point foundations or rectangular paving stones.


The Talux accessory portfolio offers plenty of solutions for a high-quality and efficient installation.

Interior & Exterior Corners | Connectors

Prefabricated corner modules in 90° angle as well as longitudinal and corner connectors for the quick and easy assembly of the system.

Joint Elements

Joint elements, joint element supports and suppport pads for a flawless and impact sound insulated support of the tiles and boards.

Heigth Compensation

Support foot, wedges and rubber pads for a quick and easy heigth compensation.

Special-Purpose Solutions

Due to the sophisticated system design, plenty of special-purpose solutions can be realised flawlessly with the Talux system.


With the Talux slot profile also curves and circular walls can be fitted easily.

Struttings & Overhangs

Even struttings, overhangs and self-suppporting areas can be realised with the Talux system.

Side Panels

With a side panel (in straight or l-shaped version) the system can be closed flush and imperceptible. As an option, the panels and edge profiles are also available powder-coated in a RAL colour of your choice.

Project Images

More project images can be found in our picture gallery