Talux Service


Consulting und Planning

The Talux team will be your competent and resourceful partner, offering support and consulting for planning individual and complex projects. With our technical expertise and large system variety we can serve customer needs in the best way possible.

Material Calculation und Quotations

We calculate your material demand and eventually create your individual quotation. To do so, we need the following information:

  • Dimensions of the laying area (a simple drawing with all measures is sufficient)
  • Tile or board dimensiond (length, width, heigth)
  • Laying pattern (cross joint, offset formation, diagonal)
  • Estimated build-up heigth (including tiles/boards).

Send these information by email to info@talux-system.de or alternatively use our quotation-request tool on the website and you will receive your individual quotation within 1-2 days.

Sales Service

For commercial customers our sales team offers various services:

Traders and Distributors:

  • Free of charge sales materials and samples
  • System presentations, trainings and workshops at your location
  • Sample areas for your indoor or outdoor exhibition

Processors and Installers:

  • Project consultation & technical support
  • Free of charge system training at your location for the first project
  • Free of charge sales-, marketing material and samples
  • System presentation at your location

Architects, Project Planner and Building Contractors:

  • Project consultation & technical support
  • System presentation at your location
  • Free of charge samples

Contact our sales service at ad@talux-system.de!

Sample Service

You need samples of our profiles for yourself or e.g. an appointment with a customer? We gladly send you short samples of our profiles free of charge. To do so, please send us a request by email to info@talux-system.de

Info & Marketing Material

You will find plenty information and documents to our systems in the download-section, e.g. product catalogues, data sheets, application guidelines and installation guide.

We also send you our product catalogue in a physical version and free of charge via mail. To do so, please send us your request and your address by email to info@talux-system.de